"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou
dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest."
-Joshua 1:9

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week Twenty Six

January 6, 2014 
Hey guys! I hope that you are all kicking butt and starting the New Year off on a good start. I really can’t thank you all enough for all your love and support.
So the weeks are FLYING! I really don’t know where the time goes, is all I know is it goes quickly. Training Elder Navarro is a lot of fun y el tiempo esta bollando! This week was pretty good. Nothing crazy happened this week so that was kinda boring lol. But all was good! There was a guy here that was buying some land this week and I started talking to him - what else is new- talk to everyone and anyone. Well, he was rocking a bears hat so we started talking. Come to find out he lived in the Chi and has a daughter at Loyola University. Kinda cool. Small world once again.
Entonces, this week something very small but special happened. So we were talking to a member who has pretty much nothing and we were talking in the street near the centro of town. He invited us to eat some popcorn with him and he would buy it. Ud no tiene ningun idea how much this meant to mi companero y yo. Si, un bolsa de popcorn only costs 10 limps but you have no idea how este familia pueden usar that. It was such a small act of kindness and generosity but really hit home to me. It comes back to the little things in life. You never know when you do something the grande affecto it can tener en la otro persona. Always remember the little leciones en la vida.
So this past weekend we had another baptism. She is a little 8 year old girl.  Her testimony is so strong . Her parents are not members but her grandmother is. Another great experience and the spirit again was present in abundance.  Baptisms are always the highlight of my week.
Todavia estamos ensenando clases de ingles! They are soooo mucho fun! I love teaching! I absolutely love it! So that’s always something fun to do on Saturday afternoon.
I spent some time this week studying about the importance of prayers in our lives. The Lord answers our prayers. When we pray with faith and a sincere heart we have the opportunity to receive answers. I have seen this many times on my mission. Prayer is essential in our lives. We all need to pray. It’s a way that we can communicate with God. Through our feelings and thoughts we can improve. That is why we are all here on this earth – to strive to be better. I love studying different topics each week. Each time I do I become a better person and missionary. Remember peeps always say your prayers!
Well it’s a short one this week but I will always keep you guys in the loop. All is good. I am just doing my thing here and making sure my flow control is always on point (for the guys at the AF ) and all is good! You all are always in my thoughts and prayers. I love you guys.  Have a good week and put your best foot forward and aim high in all that you do!

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder long!

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