"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou
dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest."
-Joshua 1:9

Friday, November 29, 2013

Week Twenty: Done being locked in! WOHOOO!

Hey! I hope this letter finds you all doing great! I miss you guys a ton still and continue to pensar en ustedes cada dia!  I know that your all haciendo bueno cosas. Keep up the good work. Love you guys all so much. The love and support drives me and keeps me going! Love ya’ll.
Entonces, Electiones are over and The National party called Nationalistas won. So all the other parties are mad and upset... but it’s over! It sucked being locked in the house por los tres dias. Muy aburrido! But, all good now! We really did have a lot of fun with Ben-the guy we live behind. We did a lot of stuff! Had a good time. I built a weight bar that es muy mas grande! Es muy bueno! Terminaron ayer! So can’t wait to use it this week and don’t worry somehow I  am going to drag it to all my areas. LOL! We’ll see!
Mi nuevo companero es de Peru and is pretty cool, Elder N. He is a very hard worker y tambien tiene un bueno testimony. He is a good dude. We are very different and come from such different backgrounds, but the gospel unites you and brings you together. Somehow, those differences become less visible with the gospel of Jesus Christ. So its good. We get a long and are doing our thing, teaching people about Christ. Helping all the people that we can. So just desfrutando mi tiempo here! Time is really flying by!
My zone is legit! Elder W.and I  get to see each other every week so that’s great! He is a bro! He will play ball after the mission on the black tops in Chicago. Sorry he told me to say that! HAHA. But our zone is legit. We have a lot of good guys so that’s great.
We have two baptisms planned for this upcoming weekend- we are having a lot of success here and las personas son muy receptiva para escuchar la palabra de dios. Many people are very willing to listen so that’s very nice!
Well Thanksgiving is pretty much here y navidad muy cerca! Enjoy this time of year and all that we have... I wish I could really express in words how thankful we really are. We are blessed more than we will ever know. It has been an eye opener to come to another country and realize how much we have been given. Be thankful for the little things! These little things are the things that we really need to be SOSO thankful for! So, thank our heavenly father for the little things that we have... every day and don’t go a day without forgetting!
It’s kinda crazy here... wanna know why? it’s November casi diciembre y es muy caliente! No fall or winter weather…  todavia sweating my toosh off!  Talvez un dia i will get used to it! We’ll see!
I am doing good! I feel great! I have lost some weight but that’s okay! I will put it back on when I get back to the Promise Land and hit the weight room!
hhmm...considering we were locked up for a few days I don’t have a ton to say besides this week we are going to be super duper busy hitting up all the houses we couldn’t visit durante la tiemp no pueden salir la casa! But it’s all good!
I finished the Book of Mormon from cover to cover - that was good!  What a spirit that the Book of Mormon and The Bible bring- it es muy especial! The Book of Mormon and The Bible really are direct inspiration from our Heavenly Father and can help any person in the world... I see it help people on a daily basis. Never forget what our Heavenly Father does for us every day! Always pray and show your thankfulness por nuestro senor.
Entonces, we are going to go play dodge ball so I need to go. I am about to light people up. But, make it a great week! Put your best foot forward, always be thankful, serve others, and aim high in all that you do! I love you each so much and hope that you guys are enjoying the states.... live it up! I would die  for some basic cheeseburger or hot water... but its all good!!!!!!! It’s the experience, right! I’m living it up like I am in a five star hotel :))))))))))))) Well, have a good one guys! I love each of you. Make it a good one! Enjoy the thanksgiving season and the Christmas stuff- lights and all that good stuff!


Elder Long!

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