"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou
dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest."
-Joshua 1:9

Monday, November 11, 2013

Week Eighteen: Welcoming my new companion this week!


Well another week down! It was a good one. Every week good and bad things happen but the experience is one that I will never forget! Cada semana es mucho mejor!
This week I say good-bye to my first companion. He trained me well, we’ve worked very hard together and I appreciate his wisdom in teaching me more about gospel truths and doctrines. Thank you Elder H.
Entonces, I had intercambios with Elder M. - The leader de zona. He’s from Guatamala and very cool! So that was a good to spend time with him. I am so emocionado to train! I am so so so excited to get my new companion and help a new guy! So that starts miercoles, so that will be exciting! I get that new companion wed morning!
We are killing it here! Tuvimos 13 non-members in the church this past Sunday! We’re doing our thing that’s for sure! It’s so good to help people that really need some direction in their life. It really brings true joy! Serve others and good things will happen. Always look for the good en las personas… yes it is muy dificil a veces but really it’s the best way to go about every day. The days really are much better when you are helping others.
WE are truly blessed to come from such a great country... and on top of eso nosotros somos very blessed to come from loving families. Family and friends are the backbones to our lives. We need to be the best brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and amigos a todos las personas nosotros conocemos! Many people here lack strong families. Not all, but some y eso es muy dificil para ver each day… just be the best person that you can be always! People take for granted great friends y familia en los estados. Some people here would die for that... just be sososo thankful for the LITLLE THINGS!
Spanish is coming along! I love it! I absolutely love the language. Each day I feel more comfortable. Tengo mucho amor por todos las personas y nuestro familias! I will never forget some of the experiences that I am having. So every day I am trying to learn more and more. Soak in the time here! Loving it!
 It’s starting to cool off which is nice, at least my aread cause we are in the mountains, still sosos hott in teguc. But, cools of poquito during the night. So that’s great. But walking 5-10 miles a day sometimes doesn’t help to stay cool. But doing good! I just look like a string bean cause I have lost some weight... but that will stop next week! :) I purchased piping and concrete para construir pesas. So that’s my project next week con mi nuevo companero!
We had a baptism this past weekend and that was great! They are an amazing familia! They are so happy and are doing so well. I am so proud of their accomplishments and working hard towards a goal. So feliz to see ellos muy muy feliz y contento! Fue un bueno dia!
I am so thankful for great family and friends! I am truly blessed. We MUST be so thankful every day for the little things that we have. I can’t emphasize it enough. I am grateful for great examples in my life, we all need that. I saw something this week that I really never want to really see again, but it was a learning experience - nothing happened to me at all but I was there to help. It is so important to RESPECT everyone. Respect nuestro amigos y familia. Especially nuestro friends, spouses and family. We need to treat people with the utmost respecto. Always be there for others. You never know when someone needs YOU. So press on and always be the best you can be every day. I experience things every day that reassure this.
Thanks for all the love and support always! You guys are the rock in my life! You all mean so much to me! Press forward always with faith! Gi, Mom, Dad, family and friends- I love you very much. Ustedes son en mi oraciones cada dia! Gracias por todo! Make it a great week! You guys rock!
Con Mucho Amor!
Elder Long!

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