"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou
dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest."
-Joshua 1:9

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Time is ticking way too fast

Hey my crew that just loves getting the crazy weekly emails. Well, this week was just starting and boom it ended. How fast is the time going... I don’t like it! I am really going to miss the people and all here, I just can’t believe how fast each week passes. It’s crazy! Well, lets get down to it shall we because we have some stories from this week that are pretty good. 

So we were walking down the street this week and were talking to everyone, trying to find some new people to talk to. So we contacted this man and started talking to him and then about two minutes later I realized where his shirt was from! You are not going to believe, his shirt was from Naperville!!!! He had like a t-ball shirt from Naperville!!! Crazy huh!

Everywhere you go there are just memories of old places. Then I saw someone with an Air Force football shirt.. so crazy HAHA but always good to see the people down here wearing great shirts even though they have no idea what it means or says. HAHA

So last week we had the opportunity to have an activity at the temple and we brought a lot of people like I had said. Well one of those people just absolutely loved it and after had such a strong and edified testimony. He had gone to church before because his mother is a member, but just never felt the need to progress or really embrace himself in the gospel. Well, we talked to him and all and got him to feel the need to live the gospel and be baptized to follow the Lords footsteps. He really got the big picture.

The crazy thing about it is that the familia asked us to teach all of them in English.... let me tell ya... it was sooo hard! My English is suffering to say the least... and that’s no joke. So A. was baptized on Friday and he is on mile high right now, so happy for him. The spirit was so strong and he really has the desire to do good and help all of his friends family and loved ones come unto Christ by following the Saviors example.

We are so proud of him, just 12 years old with such a strong testimony and strong spirit about him. He will be leaving soon to go back and live in the states. 

Sunday I had the opportunity to give a talk in church, and I killed it! I put pretty much everyone on blast. I was direct and said it how it was. I talked about the importance of church and the things that we do in church. I told them all to put the big boy pants on and enjoy the ride and that they are going to learn why and how we can become better latter day saints and better young men, women, dads, and mothers. They all really loved the talk. I prayed super hard that they would feel my love and spirit while still shooting it straight. It went very good, there were many people that were thankful for my words.

I absolutely love Spanish. After, I spoke I was just thinking of how happy that I am that I am able to speak this language. It’s amazing to say the least, I love it! So that was Sunday! 

So… shall we say why I am currently writing so late... so this week we were sick of not being able to sleep so much because the rats in the roof cause sooo much racket. So we decided to put some mata rata in the roof. It kills the rats really quick HAHA. Well, we did that Saturday afternoon. Saturday night we didn’t hear many, so that was a good sign right, we figured that they would eat this poison and then go away and die..

Well, we didn’t quite know that it kills them RIGHT AWAY... so needless to say we came back on Sunday morning from church around 12 and holy cow.... did it smell HORRRIBLLEEEEEEEEE. You have NO IDEA. So we went and slept in an empty apartment and today we had to take the roof off and get rid of the dead rats. It took a few hours to say the least... then we left it open to air it out. All good though, hopefully they don’t come back anytime soon!!! So just another story for you guys :)))

Well I would like to share a little with my brother! I am super proud of you. I know that you have been working hard in sports this summer and enjoying it a lot and getting a lot better.

I want to tell you something that coach Joe always taught me. Success on the field starts in the classroom. I really hated that saying but until I started the recruiting process I really didn’t know how important that saying really was.

I know you have the ability to play at the next level. It will start in the classroom, put your mind to it and I promise you that you will reap the benefits later. I promise you stud.

Set goals tonight like we always did at the beginning of the school year. Look at them every week. Put them above you bed and in front of the door so that you are constantly reminded of them... do not let them slip out of your mind. Do not let anyone get in your way. Make your own path.

Be an example at all times, even when it is hard. Stand firm for what you believe and know what’s right. There will be much temptation this year, STAND FIRM IN YOUR ACTIONS AND WHAT IS RIGHT. HAZ LO JUST SIEMPRE. Always choose the right.

I know that you have such a bright future in the classroom and on the field, when you put your mind to something don’t let anything make a difference. I am proud of what you have achieved this summer. You have a lot to accomplish this school year. You too, PT AND REEE. Make every day count, don’t let a day slip away from you.

One important lesson that I have learned here is making the most of every day and not letting a thing get in your way when there are always people trying to tear you down or help you NOT achieve what you know you can. Make it count every day. Work hard on the field, in the classroom, in the weight room, doing your homework.

Whatever you do, do it with purpose and realize that you are laying your name on everything. Make the Long name mean something at your school . Set the groundwork. Be the leader, help others, serve others, be the kid who does something different because you know it’s right. Don’t follow the crowd, and I know the Lord will bless you.

I love you Gi. Your a stud. Make it count this year like you have done in the past. Love you with all my heart. GET AFTER IT STUD. AIM HIGH IN ALL THAT YOU DO AND PUT UR BEST FOOT FORWARD EVERY DAY . Con mucho amor Gi. 

Thanks so much for your love and support family and friends! I would like to send a special shout out to two super importante personas en mi vida! Grandpa Taylor and PJ , FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you guys!

Elder Long!!  

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