"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou
dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest."
-Joshua 1:9

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Birthday & Christmas Celebrations

Well hey there familia and friends! This week didn't go so fast, well I guess it did but just not as fast as usual.. but all good! This week I don't have much to report on besides that it was my birthday and the sisters threw me a little surprise birthday party that was really good so that was fun! Other than that  my companion has been pretty sick this week so we spent a lot of time going to different docs/hospitals and stuff to try and figure out what he has. But he's doing good, we are grinding along!

This week we had an Christmas party for the mission and that was a complete blast, that was on Tuesday. so that was great to see the BOYS and we got to play some ball together for the first time since the CCM so that was a blast. We did Christmas acts and our zone did the Haka. We have a Samoan in our zone so that was sick, we killed it. So that was a good time.

We just spent a lot of time traveling to docs and stuff in other areas... other than that nothing too big this week... we didn't teach a ton because my comp wasn't feeling good. Its all good, good times!

We also had a ward Christmas party and I was santa hahahaha!!!  It was so funny so we had a lot of fun with that one!! We also had to go to the mall this week to get my comp a backpack and we had a blast with that one... you don't get to shop too much as a missionary so that was a treat.

We met the pro volleyball team from Belize and one of the guys there was an Academy grad!!!! It was crazy, good talk, he roomed with a baseball player name chechi, I don't know how to write his name haha but that was his roommate and he knew Sich and a ton of guys. I saw him in the mall in Teguc because they were playing here so that was sooo cool. 

We went to TGI fridays today and I thought I was in heaven... it was amazing but I had the worst gut ache because I think my body was shocked from some real food so that's always good. We are going to get after it this week, we want over 40 lessons so we are going to be running with our heads cut off. We have a fun few week and half ahead with Christmas and everyone gearing up. 

GOTTA LOVE CHRISTMAS SEASON... always remember what it's really all about.
Christmas celebrates the BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST. His divine example of love, service, and forgiveness gives Christmas true meaning.
Making Christ the center of Christmas might seem like the most natural thing to do during the season that bears His name, but so often the true meaning of Christmas manages to get lost amid the chaos and the cash registers, the presents and the parties. While these things may indeed create a joyful noise, it is still noise, and they can sometimes drown out the quiet, peaceful, reflective side of the season. Ultimately, Christmas is what we make it—and we’re in a position to ask more of ourselves and of each other than festively wrapped gifts and endless dinner parties. We can ensure that our children focus primarily on what they will give, rather than get, this year. We can give Christ the gift of a gentle heart, and we can focus on the gifts we can receive from Him: forgiveness, love, and eternal life. When looking for the true meaning of Christmas, we have only to look within: we each have the Light of Christ within us, and it is ready to be recognized and ignited and put to good use. But to understand that light, we must first come to better understand Jesus Christ Himself, and in doing so, to better understand our own potential.
Our Savior spent much of His mortal life ministering to the sick and to the sinners, helping them to understand their true worth. By serving those around us, we gain and reflect some of Christ’s empathy and compassion. And what time better than Christmas to begin making this a year-round practice, to regularly engage in the kind of service that can work amazing changes in our hearts.
Just as the Savior forgave others and taught forgiveness during His life, we can exhibit gratitude for this amazing gift by setting aside the burden of harbored resentments against others and by actively forgiving them. This too is a gift. Because as liberating as this act of forgiving often is for those who have injured us, it is so much more so for ourselves; unencumbered by grudges, our hearts are then much more able to reach out to and love others.
When asked what was the greatest commandment, Christ said it was to love thy God with all thy heart and likewise to love one another. He gave us other commandments as well, guidelines that formed the bedrock of His gospel on earth. The word gospel translates as “good news,” and what better time than Christmas to learn of it and to incorporate it into our lives. The saving principles and ordinances of repenting, having faith in Christ, being baptized, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end are available to all for our salvation. That was the good news that had been prophesied for millennia before Christ’s birth. And Christ’s saving power was also what the Wise Men celebrated when they saw the star in the sky that they followed. Like those Wise Men, we can offer Jesus Christ a gift to celebrate the day of His birth—the gift of a faithful, loving heart. We celebrate Christ in the Christmas season by taking the time to learn more about Him and by trying to become more like Him. Doing so brings meaning to much more than just the season; it brings deep meaning and purpose to our lives.

Well I don't have much more for you all, it was a way different week with my companion not feeling well. I am very anxious to get back to the work, We have so much more to do here. I love you all, miss you all and can’t wait to see you all in 5 months BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week.



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