"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou
dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest."
-Joshua 1:9

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mountains, heat, snakes and more!

Hey my fellow followers! 

I hope that you are all doing great. I am thinking about you all. If the spelling in this email is weird and stuff it’s because I am currently writing I think with the ghettoest keyboard that I have ever seen in my life. But I am grateful I have it to communicate with you. I think it’s from the time of my great-grandma’s era. HAHA!  So yea... but this week has been crazy busy! It’s been good though. I had changes this week! I am in a different area than I have been in my whole mission these  past 6 months. It’s about 30 minutos mas sur de mi other area. It’s called SG. (If you really want to know the area call my Mom as it shouldn’t be mentioned on my blog)  It’s like my last area but the center has a little more money. More people have cars and just dress a little nicer because they economically are a little better off. So in that aspect it is a little different. But my companion y yo don’t work a lot in the center. We work more in the aldeas or pueblos. So we are up in the mountains. When I say that we are up in the mountains I mean we are up in the mountains! We walk about 30 minutes to get from visit to visit... So yea, putting some miles on the zapatos jeje. It’s good though! Only bad thing is that there are TONS of snakes and lizards and such... so we are careful because where we work in the mountains there are a ton. The rama (branch/church) that we are in is huge but there are tons of people that don’t go to church. A lot of less-actives, almost 150 of them. So we have some work to do. It’s like my past area in that when I arrived things were not going too well but I did my thing there and turned it around, and that’s the plan here. This area used to be part of the Tecuicigalpa Mission but three months ago it became part of our mission. We have got some work on our hands. It’s all good though, I have a  plan to make it happen. Saturday and Sunday I had meetings with members. I lit a fire cracker under there rears and said we’re going to get after it and work. Their super excited to work and before they didn’t work a lot with the missionaries. Well they have another thing coming! Their going to be put to work! jeje A good week before was 5 to 6 lessons with members... in my last area we would have about 15 each week, sometimes many more than that. Well, just this first Sunday we had 4 lessons. I told them how the ship is going to be run :) so we are already seeing progress in just one day. They just need direction - they didn’t have that before with anyone and now they do. So we’re going to hit the dirt streets running and get after it. So it’s just the beginning of what we’re going to do. My companion is a stud. His name is Elder L. He is from Nicaragua and is so cool . He can speak English because he studied in an English University and after the mission he is going to the states to study. He’s a stud. We’re killing this area together. Elder L. has 3 months on the mission, but has such a strong testimony and wants to get after it as well. So it’s goootime baby! The people here talk so much different, I know that I am pretty close (30 min away  from my last area but yet they talk so differently. They have such a different accent and use different words for different things. So that’s a lot of fun. Keeps me on my toes. It’s also sooo much hotter here. Since we are more south it’s like probably 10 degrees hotter every day. And since we work in the mountains we are higher up and all so it’s even hotter. To give you an idea of how high the mountains that we work in are, we are able to see Nicaragua and El Salvador and the Pacific Ocean from certain parts where we work... so yea we’re up up and way in the mountains. Other than that we are just getting after it! I am going to have a good time here with the people and with my companero y en el mismo tiemp, gonna get er done. Thanks for the love and support in all! I love you guys! Make it a great week! Aim high in all you do and put you best foot forward!

con mucho amor!
Elder long

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