"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou
dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest."
-Joshua 1:9

Monday, March 31, 2014

I LOVE this work.

Hola mis amigos! I hope that all is going great with you guys. Thanks for everything. Your love and support is amazing. I have my family and friends in the states and now in Honduras! I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks so much for your love and support while I am here on my mission. I am so happy to be serving at this time and in this country, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now in my life. I am learning so much about life and what I can do better to draw closer to my Heavenly Father and make me a better man right now and in the future, I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to serve right now. Thanks for your love and support. So let’s get down to the Sweat Report. 

Not going to spend so much time talking about how hot it is here because I think that you guys get the point... it’s scorching aqui. Serio es horrible. No puedo decir how hot it really is here. But we’re still alive and kicking that’s for sure. 

So this week we had to do some humbling with a guy in my zone- it was a blast! He was talking a whole bunch of smack to people about how good he was at basketball, so I took him to a challenge. Lets just put it this way, the game was over before it started. Then we had a little talk about humility - it was great. Don’t talk the talk, if you cant walk the walk. I love that saying so much. We can apply it to anything in our life. So we played basketball last Monday and that was a blast! Always a good time ballin it up. 

This week we walked hours and hours visiting our investigators, the people that we are teaching are amazing. Here it’s not like my last area where we have people out the ying yang to teach, but the people that we do have are amazing. Their progressing and doing the things that they need to do and are loving the gospel. I love to see people change for the better, and it doesn’t matter how old they are or their circumstances. The gospel and our knowledge of our Savior changes our lives, and the lives as others as well. I see it every day and it just brings the biggest smile to my face when I see that the people are changing their lives for the better and are trying to align their lives with the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

This week I spent a lot of time studying about Gratitude. I reflected en la oportunidad que I have right now to be serving my Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to wake up every day and have the opportunity to help others change for the better. I love it. But last Friday I talked with my district about how important it is that we are SOSO grateful every day for the little things that we have. So my talk was based on Gratitude. We read the story titled ¨La opcion de ser agradecidos¨ de Henry B Eyring. We all had the opportunity to reflect on our lives and our tiemp aqui y los cosas que realamente son muy importante para nos. Something that I really loved from this talk said, ¨We all like to feel thankful, however, it is not easy always being thankful in all circumstances when we are facing difficulties or problems in life.¨ I really loved that, very simple but so true. We all need to be more thankful, no importa nuestro situaciones. We all can have more gratitude. This talk made me reflect on my time in Ojojona y ahorita aqui en Sabana Grande. There two pueblos, small little towns. The people in pueblos sometimes have nothing... only a tortilla and salt, that’s a meal. But yet they are so thankful. What a great lesson that we can all learn from ...  A lot of people don’t have running water, no electricity, kids with no shoes, and eat the same thing every single day… imagine that... We need to be so thankful to our Heavenly Father every day for the LITTLE THINGS that we have. This is where the importance of our prayers comes into play. We need to pray every morning and night  at least to our Heavenly Father and express our gratitude for the things that we have. The power of prayer is real. Prayer can bring miracles en nuestro vidas. I promise you that the power of prayer is real. If you aren’t praying with your Heavenly Father, do so. I have such a different view and perspective of what Gratitude really really means. I am so thankful for this. We all can come to feel this way when we understand the atonement in our lives. That Jesus really died for us and that we have such a loving Heavenly Father. Say your prayers this week my loving followers! :)

Oh so this week someone tried to break into our house... but a good ole fake conversation on the phone scared them off. It was about 10:20 at night. The electricity was out so people were trying to take advantage, but ya know, just another day in the promise land of Honduras! HAHA

Thanks for all your love and support! Make it a great week! 

Aim high in all that you do and put your best foot forward! 

Sacrifice, brings blessings.

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Mariano Long

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