"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou
dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest."
-Joshua 1:9

Monday, August 26, 2013

Week Seven: First Week in Honduras. I love it!

Dear Family & Friends,

Hey! I miss you guys tons! Lets get right too it! I love the area I have been assigned to. My companion & I have two areas that we are assigned to which is great! It’s up in the mountains. I love it. Its’ a pretty chill area. Elder H. is my trainer. He’s a stud. He's been a Zone leader, District leader, and all that good stuff. He is very good! I really like him. He is training me for 12 weeks. These 12 weeks are his last weeks out in the mission field. Then he will be done with his mission! He is a real blessing, a good missionary and works hard. We are helping this area and hope to get things rolling in a positive direction. So, about the area in which I live, the terrain is very, rocky, very hilly, walking from house to house is a hike in and of itself. (Good workout to keep up the shape!!!) The area is very poor, but the people are soooo loving. The homes are something to see. It has been an eye opening experience to say the least. The people are so friendly and warm. They are such a nice group of people. They always offer you food even if they have pretty much have nothing for themselves. The people are soo happy when we come to the door, they are always so welcoming. A lot of the people here cannot read, so that sometimes is a challenge but we help them! The language is coming along. There are some conversations that I have no idea what is going on HA HA  but it’s all good! The older people are harder to understand then the younger people. I love talking to the kids because they speak slower and I really can understand what they are saying! The buses! The buses we go on are nuts! There are tons of people on them, loud blaring music, and people coming and going selling stuff! It’s great! They drive insane too. It’s worse then Mexico by far and that is saying something. This past Sunday I gave a talk in church. It went good! It was on service! I love the topic and now that I am immersed in service it is so awesome. One interesting thing is that not all the families we teach are all members. Many in the same family quite often are not members. So we help them out. The food so far is amazing!  We eat lots of rice, chicken, and beans. The mango drinks are the best. They are so refreshing. My companion and I have to cook sometimes. I can hear you now mother, I should have listened to you this summer when you tried to get me interested in learning a few cooking tips. I wish I would have watched dad more, it probably would come in handy right about now. We buy all our food, snacks and stuff at these places called pulperisas. They are like little stores connected to peoples houses. The way of life here is just so different. This Saturday we have a baptism! I am really so excited, my first baptism. I am very blessed to be a part of such a sacred ordinance the first 2 weeks of my mission. That is pretty cool. I have very limited time on e-mail each week. I will answer your questions from this weeks email next week.  The first few nights I was here but not in my area yet, we slept at a place near the Presidents house in this garage. There were a few of us, thank goodness Elder W. my best friend was with me.  Lets just say we had a few visitors with us. Yes, not quite like the visitors I would get as a cadet at the Academy banging on my door at night or at 4:30 AM. These visitors were a bit more suddle and quiet, yes, huge cockroaches. We even had a lizard with us too! Ha Ha
 I will answer all questions next week from your email. I love you guys tons. I miss you every day.  I pray for you all too! Thanks so much for everything, you guys all mean so much to me!  Every once in a while give a message to the guy that called you to keep me going.  I love you guys tons! The spirit is strong, prayers do get answered and l am seeing it and feeling it every day as I serve here. I love you guys tons! I can’t wait to e-mail you next week! Enjoy all the little things at home because here is wow... can’t even begin to explain. Just count your blessings EVERY day. Trust me. I love you guys tons! I can’t wait to hear back from you! Please send lots of dear elders and all! As of now I don’t need anything! Your love, prayers and letters are all I need right now. I love you all! I can’t wait to talk next week! I pray so hard for each of you. Love you tons!

Elder Long

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